this is a list of locations of the what we cannot see universe of both old land and the new land. which was ruled by both minifig and bionicle governments.

list of locations

image name of lands second name name of areas
old land tba
name of places inhabitents images status
tholro's saturary thorlo abandoned
new land the house
name of places inhabitents images status
garage/the byasiens lair the byasien (formaly) bionicles and minifigs (formaly) abandoned
living room tba tba

lonley zone/minifig shelter

minifigs active
new gutanoa minifigs abandoned
gutanoa city minifigs destroyed
blackgear gratto bionicles destroyed
artheen mines minifigs and bionicles tba
the pool tba tba
highway tba destroyed
bio pub bionicles abandoned
the stairs tba tba
moc facility bionicles abandoned
coloney "confidence" minifig destroyed
coloney "faith" minifigs abandoned
military base "guardian" minifigs tba
fort "mercy" minifigs tba
edge of the new land tba tba
garage minifig fortress minifigs destroyed
back yard minifig base minifigs tba
heart-lands tba tba
bad-lands tba tba
Echo-Border Tower minifigs abandoned
Bionicle Teleporter Base bionicles abandoned